Our Mission

United Colours Learning LLC is an initiative of cultural change for Early Childhood Education as we know it.  We will show the advantages of being a multi-lingual preschool while offering an unnumbered amount of experiences for our children to explore, create, and grow. Our program promotes an awareness of a deeper multicultural connection within the community which will enhance the child’s education eminently.


UCLI is a place where children come first, a place where you as a parent can feel secure and satisfied in knowing that every member of UCLI’s staff is committed to excellence for the education and wellbeing of your child. At UCLI, we recognize children as individuals with unique gifts, strengths and needs. Our goal is to nurture that uniqueness evident in every child. At UCLI, we endeavor to give children an opportunity to play and learn. Imagination is a key component of the learning experience at UCLI. By the time children begin elementary school, they should have more than the basics of counting and knowing their alphabets.


UCLI was founded in 2010 with an initiative to provide children with a multi-language, educationally-based preschool. The company founder, Ms. Eryon N. McCary, will handle day-to-day operations of the business and will work collaboratively with its Board of Directors to ensure that this business venture is a success.

Eryon N. McCary, Executive Director of United Colours Learning Institute, has more than 20-years experience in child care development. My first leadership role was in creating a safe developmentally appropriate space for children of students attending Houston Community College. Seeing a need for quality early childhood development centers in my urban minority neighborhoods I started a private residential preschool from my home. UCLI offers a tailored bi-lingual curriculum that includes math, reading, science, arts and crafts, as well as creative play in an intimate home school setting. I’m dedicated to providing children the best educational beginnings to jump start their future!

Ms. Eryon N. McCary
United Colours Learning Institute